We love cycling, especially with others, but finding other cyclists and the right ride (for you) can be difficult and intimidating. So we made GroupRide to be one website for all group bike rides.

It all started in 2009 when we were on a group bike ride with all racers and one new cyclist on her first group ride.

On that ride, Mark, founder of GroupRide, realized that the ride was way beyond her skill level. Knowing the cycling community and that there were more rides suited to her current fitness and skill, Mark dropped back. As they rode together, he shared other rides that would be better for her. She appreciated the help and is now one of the cycling community leaders for our local rides.

This was the bicycle ride that sparked the idea of GroupRide. To help other riders find their perfect ride, Mark tried to find a site with all local rides and ride details. He didn’t find one site, but thousands of them, all with broken information and no consistent format.

Knowing the importance of the cycling culture and the community that happens when group rides are present, Mark put together a team and set out to develop one website for all group rides, connecting cyclists with the information that will help you find your ride.

Founder Bios

Mark DesJardin

Cyclist: 13+ Years

Title: CEO

Fact: Mark is borderline tone deaf.

Steve Scherck

Cyclist: 20 + Years

Title: CFO

Fact: Steve has never been in a rock and roll band.

Sean Brandenburg

Cyclist: 13+ Years

Title: Chief Editor

Fact: His twin boys are payback from karma.

Combined mileage by all...Plenty

All of us here at GroupRide became addicted to cycling through various group cycling events. It didn’t matter if it was a bike race (road or mountain), a gran fondo, a group ride or even just camping for one of the events. As much as we became addicted to the fitness, the social aspect was just as fun.

Social fitness, group fitness - whatever you want to call it - we’re connecting cyclists to groups that suit their riding interests and goals.