How It Works

How to use GroupRide.

Looking for a Group Ride?

Group road bike rides are in nearly every city in America. Weekly rides, beginner cycling rides, women-only group rides; you name it.

But how do you know which is the right ride for you? We make finding the right ride easy! Just search our growing database ofgroup bike rides, and use our easy mapping tool to find a ride, shop or club that hosts these glorious weekly events. You can even sort rides by attributes like pace, length, drop or no-drop, and more.

What type of group bike ride are you’re looking for? We’ll help you find it!

Hosting a Group Ride?

Are you a bicycle shop owner or employee, a representative of a local bike club, or just want to host a weekly group bike ride?

Just sign up for an account, create a ride page, and use GroupRide to help riders find your group ride and build a stronger cycling community in your area.